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Author, historian and Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group member Joseph Alexiou has just published a new book – about the murky past of the Gowanus Canal. Story via the Brooklyn Paper:

“The Gowanus Canal is a lens through which you can look at the development of Brooklyn as a city,” said historian Joseph Alexiou. “You could stand at the water’s edge from 1630 to 2015, and you can tell exactly what period you’re in by how the canal’s being used. In the pre-colonial era you’re seeing natives fishing for oysters. Post-colonial you’re seeing Dutch settlers and grist mills. During the revolutionary period you’re seeing rebels getting shot, and during the industrial period you start seeing pollution.”

Joseph Alexiou (Photo: Jason Speakman/Brooklyn Paper
Joseph Alexiou (Photo: Jason Speakman/Brooklyn Paper)

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