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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group holds its February general meeting on February 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The meeting will be focused solely on internal CAG business – the EPA will not be present and there will be no other agency updates – but as always, this and all other CAG meetings are open to the public, and your attendance is welcome.


6:30 PM: Review Agenda / Review CAG Status and Decisions to Date 

  • Facilitation team
  • Committees
  • Attendance
  • Full CAG Meetings
  • Communication

6:45 PM: Key Strategic Discussions

  • Status of attendance and membership
  • Review of CAG Performance
  • Trust and Behavior at CAG Meetings
  • Communication
  • Key topics for 2016
  • Committee support and resource needs

 8:15 PM: Committee Discussions

  • Break into committee groups
  • Identify meeting day and times, look for opportunities for coordination
  • Identify key issues to be discussed
  • Identify any resource needs
  • Identify/affirm 2016 liaison to the facilitation team.

8:45 PM: Committee Report Back Decisions

9:00 PM: Adjourn

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