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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Land Use Committee met on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in the offices of the Gowanus Canal Conservancy at 543 Union Street.

CAG Members present: David Briggs, Marlene Donnelly, Rafael Gomez de Luna, Katia Kelly, Andrea Parker, Debra Scotto, Mark Shames, Maryann Young

Guests: April Dubison, National Grid

Item 1

There was a brief discussion about the history of the Committee and its purpose. Originally, it was intended to focus on water quality and on whether real estate prices would drop due to the Superfund clean up.


None required.

Item 2

Andrea Parker expressed concern that a Department of Sanitation project is scheduled to begin on the Salt Lot on May 1 and may directly impact the installation of the retention tank project that has been presented by the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] at community meetings.


The Gowanus Canal Conservancy [GCC] is reaching out to Councilmember Brad Lander for information. Additionally, the Committee could request that the EPA issue a statement that demands the New York City Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] start the retention tank project on the Salt Lot.

Item 3

The Committee discussed creating a mission statement. Subjects that could be covered include waterfront easements, eminent domain, bulkhead restoration, retention tanks, and the Waterfront Access Plan [WAP]. All agreed that it will take a few meetings to flesh out a final mission statement.


Dave Briggs agreed to start formulating a draft and circulating it amongst the members.

Item 4

The ongoing negotiations between DEP, EPA, and Alloy Development on the location of the retention tank and head house at the north end of the canal were discussed. After several members presented their organizations’ perspectives on where the tank/head house should be located, all agreed that the Committee should draft a resolution that lays out a series of desired outcomes for the location, its impact on the clean up schedule, and temporary relocation of the Thomas Greene Park facilities and programs.


Dave Briggs offered to draft and circulate a resolution for comment and approval by the committee. Committee members confirmed that the resolution must be approved and sent to Doug Sarno by March 22, one week prior to the next CAG meeting, in order to present it to the full CAG for approval.

Item 5

All agreed that Committee meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. The location is the Gowanus Canal Conservancy offices at 543 Union Street, with a backup location at the offices of the Fifth Avenue Committee.


None required.

Item 6

All agreed that David Briggs will serve as the Committee’s representative on the CAG’s Facilitation Committee with Andrea Parker as a back-up representative.


None required.

End of meeting

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