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At its September 27, 2016 general meeting, the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group passed the following resolution, originally proposed by the CAG’s Land Use Committee.

Whereas the CAG adopted the following resolution in May, 2012:

“The Superfund cleanup should be consistent with and advance current and future plans for ecological restoration, shoreline softening, riparian buffers, expanded wetlands, habitat restoration, and increased public access pursuant to the goals of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary Restoration Plan and the community’s emerging vision for the waterway.”

Resolved, that the CAG, building on this resolution and in response to EPA’s June 28, 2016 presentation to the Gowanus CAG, has the following specific goals for the restoration of the 1st Street Turning Basin:

  • that the form and elevation of the restored wetland support the range of salt marsh species and shorebirds that thrive across the littoral zone;
  • that the bulkheads provide a surface to support marine life, specifically mussels, oysters, and juvenile fish;
  • that the footprint and bathymetry of the turning basin be designed to promote natural water flow and discourage stagnation; and
  • that there be a clear plan and funding allocated to regular maintenance and performance monitoring to promote wetland health and manage debris;

Consequently, we ask that the City of New York:

  • adjust preliminary designs as necessary to meet the above goals;
  • take the impact of global warming into account, particularly sea level rise, when planning for the above goals;
  • work with a coastal wetland specialist to model and maximize the ecological performance of the excavated turning basin;
  • work with the adjacent property owners to identify potential for coordination of topography, planting and other landscape features; and
  • provide the CAG with detailed information about how the above actions are being performed.

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