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At its January 24, 2017 general meeting, the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group passed the following resolution, originally proposed by the CAG’s Land Use Committee.

Whereas the community has lost a significant number of mature trees recently with the construction of the high level storm sewer along Third Avenue and Carroll Street; and 

Whereas the construction operations for a comprehensive remediation of the coal tar under the Douglass & Degraw Pool in the Thomas Greene Playground [Park] could impact the approximately 30 mature and highly productive London Plane trees in and around the Park;  

Resolved, that the EPA Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group [CAG] requests that all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the affected area and actions coordinate and manage the remediation to preserve as many London Plane trees as possible in and around the Park. Additionally, the CAG requests that there will not be an overall loss of trees and new trees will be planted that are better suited to survive the conditions in an environment subject to frequent flooding.

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