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At its September 26, 2017 general meeting, the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group passed the following resolution, originally proposed by the CAG’s Land Use Committee.

Resolution on Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Process for the Gowanus Canal and its Surrounding Environs

Whereas the EPA Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group [CAG] seeks the best possible environmental restoration for the canal and its environs, and an Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) of the Gowanus Superfund site was conducted by the EPA;

Resolved, the CAG urges the Natural Resource trustees conducting a Damage Assessment to consider the preliminary sites listed below for actions promoting environmental restoration proposals that have a direct beneficial impact on the canal and its environs.

Preliminary Sites:

• Salt Lot
• Lowes Bulkhead/ Home Depot Waterfront
• Edge of Pathmark Site Along Canal
• Gowanus Bay Terminal
• Street Ends & Turning Basins
• Public Place Waterfront
• Carroll Park & Thomas Greene Playground
• Under the Tracks Playground
• RTA-1 site
• Sunset Park Piers
• Gowanus Canal Bed
• NYCHA and other publicly-owned properties within the watershed
• Bush Terminal Park

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