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At its March 27, 2018 general meeting, the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group passed the following resolution calling for a comprehensive community visioning process for the future of the head-end of the Gowanus Canal.

The resolution, addressed to local City Council Member Stephen Levin and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, reads as follows:

Resolved, the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group (CAG) requests that our elected officials, city agencies, and community representatives immediately initiate, secure funds for, and lead an active community-engagement and visioning process with the CAG and community that gathers input, at a minimum, on the following:

●  Impact of this project on local businesses and residents,

●  Removal of Thomas Greene Park pool and coal-tar remediation,

●  Design and construction of a temporary pool,

●  Long-term disposition of the staging area,

●  Taking advantage of the CSO facility construction to increase parkland in an underserved


●  Design and construction of the portion of Thomas Greene Park that will be replaced,

●  Retention and restoration of historic structures,

●  Visual and safe physical access to the waterfront, and

●  Design of the CSO facility.

You can download a copy of the full resolution, including relevant background information, here: CAG Resolution Community Visioning Process at the North End of the Gowanus Canal 180327

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