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At its March 27, 2018 general meeting, the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group resolved to formally request that the EPA install, or direct the installation of, signage around the Gowanus Superfund site warning against consuming fish taken from the Gowanus Canal.

The resolution, addressed to Christos Tsiamis, Senior Project Manager, Gowanus Canal Project U.S. EPA Region 2, reads as follows:

The Gowanus CAG is hereby requesting the EPA install or cause to be installed Fish-Consumption Warning Signage around the Gowanus Superfund site. We ask that such warnings be placed in reasonable likely fishing locations and at each public access location where people can easily make physical contact with the canal waters; and we ask that there be a minimum of 12 signs installed along the Gowanus Superfund site. We also ask that such signage be posted in English and Spanish with clear universal graphics.

We understand that this is a reasonable action as such signage has been installed in other Superfund sites and provide one example here, using simple two-color printing on a white metal panel. We ask that the text provide specific information for the Gowanus Superfund site.

You can download a copy of the full memorandum, including a photograph of a sample sign, here: CAG Resolution Fish-Consumption Signage 180327

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