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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Land Use Committee met on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, in the offices of the Gowanus Canal Conservancy at 543 Union Street.

CAG Members present:

David Briggs
Louis Kleinman
Hildegaard Link
Andrea Parker
Triada Samaras
Susan Yung

Item 1

Discussed EPA’s TASC grant for the Gowanus Canal. Hildegaard: who is the grant administrator? (According to the original CAG minutes from several years ago, Wanda Ayala is the grant administrator.) Louis: who controls the money?


Dave will follow up with Doug Sarno.

Item 2

Louis: there is a concern about the lack of safety features (e.g. ladders, low walls, etc.) that the CAG has not addressed. Andrea suggested integrating soft shoreline technology at EPA’s bulkheads that will have the added benefit of increasing wildlife habitat. Recommendations will be passed along to private landowners.


A resolution will be drafted for CAG review. Dave will reach out to Owen Foote for assistance since the Gowanus Dredgers have been working on this issue.

Item 3

Triada: requested that a member of Councilmember Stephen Levin’s office attend the CAG meetings. It was pointed out that Ben Solotaire has attended most of the recent meetings.


Dave will pass along the request to Doug Sarno.

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