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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Admin Committee met on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at 9:30 a.m., in the Cobble Hill Community Room at 250 Baltic Street.

CAG Members present:

Ben Jones
Katia Kelly
Rita Miller
Maryann Young (CORD alternate)

1. Two new CAG membership applications were discussed: Matthew Loyd Thomas and Janet Aitchison.

A) Both recommended for approval

B) Committee discussed the possibility of reinterpreting the Charter regulations regarding the interview and voting process.
Committee suggests renaming interview… “introduction.”

Applicants will be called to the general meeting to introduce themselves.

Since the most relevant questions are already asked on the application, members should keep their questions along those lines, especially since most applicants do not respond to or answer them on the application. For example:
– What local or civic organizations do you belong to, or are affiliated with?
– What special skills or capabilities are you willing to contribute to the CAG?
– We should try to provide a blank copy of the application to hand out at the meeting.

Timing of voting and  protocol for notification of acceptance/rejection is not really spelled out in the charter, except to say that voting should be done at the “earliest possible meeting.”

There is no protocol for timing of informing the applicant of vote results.

Admin suggests that after introductions are made, Ben, who has most graciously agreed to be the spokesperson, will inform the new prospective member that we will review all candidates and notify them of the outcome before the next general meeting. Candidates will then leave the meeting.

Voting will continue to take place in their immediate absence but results will not be given to the applicants at that time.

Candidates will be advised afterward, and if accepted, invited to attend the next meeting as a new member.

2) Discussed the necessity to reactivate the Outreach Committee, since its role is vital in disseminating information not only to the community but within the CAG itself.

Example: some committees do not meet on a regular basis or will change a scheduled meeting, so there should be a mechanism whereby Outreach can notify all CAG members of an upcoming or altered meeting. Eric has done a wonderful job of posting these things on the website, but how many CAG members actually check the website to see if there’s a meeting coming up, or if something has been changed?

The website and Facebook page should mimic the same hard information: membership list, standing committee meetings, called committee meetings, EPA press releases, CAG resolutions, etc.

The website should also include:

—updated membership list
—updated email addresses for all organizational memberss – optional for individuals
—list of active committees including Facilitation
—indication of who is the facilitator for each committee
—committee minutes could be posted

3) Admin feels that the Facilitation committee has been working well, but we need to improve committee-level dissemination of information to one another. Again, an active Outreach Committee would be very helpful in this regard.

4) Admin also feels that the EPA-provided/National Grid-sponsored neutral facilitation should continue.

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