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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Outreach Committee met on Friday, November 9, at 9:00 a.m., in the offices of the Fifth Avenue Committee, at 621 Degraw Street.

This was the first meeting of the reconstituted Outreach Committee, and discussion was focused on the future of the Committee.

CAG Members Present

Sabine Aronowsky
Jordan Heiden, Gowanus Canal Conservancy (Committee alternate for Christine Petro)
Katia Kelly
Eric McClure


Alanna Browdy, Graduate Student, Columbia University
Christine Ghossoub, Graduate Student, Columbia University
Chongyuan Wang, Graduate Student, Columbia University

Joined by three planning students from Columbia University, who are studying Gowanus in light of the re-zoning.

They’re analyzing pro- vs. no development positions, looking for common ground, and potentially, a recommendation for a Community Benefits Agreement.

Jordan Heiden from the Gowanus Canal Conservancy sitting in for Christine.

Future of the Outreach Committee

Mission is to inform the larger community about what’s going on with the Canal cleanup.

Encouraging organizational members to publicize CAG meetings and activities, especially for important meetings, like November (Pete Lopez, EPA Region 2 Administrator, will be in attendance).

Ask Doug Sarno to circulate a note to CAG members in advance of the November meeting urging them to promote the meeting and agenda.

Put together a monthly meeting announcement to provide to CAG member organizations to communicate to their members (when there’s noteworthy stuff).

Superfund Town Hall

Last Superfund Town Hall was held at Wyckoff Gardens, October 2017.

Ask Pete Lopez to come to a Town Hall in spring 2019. There will be a milestone around the siting of the retention-tank.

Find a date, location, headline attendees. Congresswoman Velazquez and Regional Administrator Lopez. Follow up with Dan Wiley and Natalie Loney regarding scheduling.

Hold the meeting near the north end of the canal, since that’s where work will be happening. Wyckoff Houses? PS133? PS133 requires a fee and insurance (can EPA provide?).

Makes sense for the CAG to hold Town Hall meetings in locations where work is happening or will soon be happening.

Do we have a solid timeline from the EPA? Upload the current version of the timeline to the website (Sabine to provide PDF).

Ask Doug to make a few copies of the current timeline to have available at the November meeting.

Aim for having an updated timeline for CAG review at the January meeting. Ask Natalie for input on timeline.

National Grid is waiting to hear from DEP and EPA about sign-off on final location of the north-end retention tank. Katia believes the land has been acquired by the city for the canal-side siting.

Con Ed site might be appropriate for the temporary pool, but Con Ed may construct a new substation there to serve Gowanus in light of the rezoning.

December outreach meeting can focus on updating the timeline and securing a date for the town hall.

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