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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Outreach Committee met on Thursday, September 19, at 8:30 a.m., in the offices of the Fifth Avenue Committee, at 621 Degraw Street.

CAG Attendees: Sabine Aronowsky, Christine Petro, Eric McClure

Follow up from May 29, 2019 Superfund Town Hall

Need to incorporate new sign-in email addresses with our existing mailing list.

Should we send some kind of follow-up to Town Hall attendees? Need an update from EPA on current status of work.

Is this the 10th year of the CAG? When was our first meeting? Should we commemorate the milestone? Should we issue a 10-year report? First CAG meeting on Eric’s calendar was October 26, 2010.

When will next big announcements be coming? Will some of those milestones be notable enough to hold meetings around, at larger venues?

Continue with third Thursday Outreach meetings, but moved to 8:30 am to accommodate Sabine’s schedule.

Christine recommends adding some new Outreach members from within or outside the existing CAG.

Jessica Roff from Riverkeeper? Kelsey Butterworth (she has an advertising background)? We could use an update on committee participation among CAG members. Christine will reach out to both Jessica and Kelsey.

As the rezoning proceeds, might real estate developers get active in the CAG? The ownership group behind the Powerhouse? Their project is deeply intertwined with the Canal and the cleanup. Other entities along the Canal might also consider joining the CAG.

Should we have a larger recruitment effort for new CAG members? Committee participation might be the way in.

Revisit, and potentially redesign, the CAG Timeline document? It’s gotten a bit complicated to navigate.

FAC Environmental Justice and Leadership Curriculum will be trying to engage with Red Hook residents in the coming months. Could be an opportunity for the CAG to promote itself and recruit participants from Red Hook.

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