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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Land Use Committee met via Zoom conference on Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

CAG Members present:

David Briggs
Katia Kelly
Louis Kleinman
Hildegaard Link
Steve Marcus
Margaret Maugenest
Rita Miller
Andrea Parker
Brad Vogel
Maryann Young


Jo Corona
Owen Foote
Brad Hamilton
Maria Hodermarska
Sandye Renz
Miranda Sielaff
Talli Somekh
Terri Thomson (National Grid)

Open Items:

Item 1

Peter Reich had asked a question regarding land ownership at the waterfront where the canal will be narrowed to accommodate new bulkhead installation. Who will own the area between the old bulkhead and the new bulkhead? How will this additional area be factored into open space requirements for future zoning and development?


Based on a conversation with the Department of City Planning in July, Dave reported that: a) any bulkhead encroachment will not increase building FAR, b) property will be owned by the City but may be maintained by property owner (they will decide this on a case-by-case basis), c) City will indemnify property owner for its use/access of property, and d) depth of encroachment will be added to required esplanade depth.

Item 2

Brad inquired if reduced NYC budget will impact the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s headhouse design and construction cost.


EPA shared correspondence between it and DEP regarding the timeline. Andrea reported that the Water Quality Committee is drafting a resolution in response to the correspondence. No discussion about how the City’s reduced budget will impact the design and construction cost of the retention tank facilities.

New Items:

Item 1

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s revised cleanup plan of Public Place.


Steve will draft resolution summarizing the CAG’s frustration with DEC’s recent change to the cleanup strategy and send to Dave.

Item 2

Draft resolution for placing signage at bulkhead restoration sites along the canal.


A couple of minor revisions were discussed; Brad will update resolution and distribute.

Item 3

Draft resolution for bulkhead encroachments into canal.


Brad will update to include language regarding offsetting loss of public use in canal with increased egress from and access to the canal.

Item 4

Peter’s email regarding suggesting that no permits for large development sites be issued until after both retention tank facilities are operational.


Dave will contact Peter and request him to draft a resolution.

Item 5

Owen Foote’s plan for a revised traffic layout at Public Place.


After discussion regarding applicability to the CAG’s mandate, it was decided that Owen could present his plan at the next CAG general meeting along with Gowanus Lands, Gowanus Green, and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy. Committee recommends that each presentation be limited to eight minutes. Dave will send Gowanus Lands and Owen Foote’s presentations to the CAG. Andrea will send GCC’s presentation to the CAG. Steve will contact Gowanus Lands and invite them to present. Dave will forward Gowanus Green invitation request to Leadership Committee.

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