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The Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group’s Admin Committee met via Zoom conference on Tuesday, December 15th, at 10:00 a.m.

Committee members attending:
Jerry Armer
Katia Kelly
Rita Miller

Other CAG members attending:
Louis Kleinman
Margaret Maugenest

Owen Foote

1) New member applications reviewed

Mac Thayer
Ivana Nitzova

Earlier & Current Applicants who have responded that they are still interested; “interviews” to follow in January:

Mike Song
Andrew Timmis
Linda Laviolette
Nene Humphrey
Ashley Privett

Two earlier applicants did not respond. Admin will reach out to them once again after the January general meeting.

As discussed, “interviews” can be held in a 30-45 minute period during the January Zoom meeting (either at the beginning or end of the meeting) by holding the general meeting at 6 p.m. rather than 6:30 p.m. Five people within a 30-45 minute period can easily go through the process.

Admin is requesting that the general meeting begin early, with interviews and voting done after the public portion of the meeting is over.

2) Membership Updates

Ben Jones has resigned from the CAG. Eric (Outreach) and Doug have been notified already. Understand that committee membership rosters are not listed on the website, but Eric has removed Ben from the CAG membership list.

With the passing of Buddy Scotto, the Carroll Gardens Association (a “permanent” organizational member, is left without representation (there never was an alternate assigned). Admin suggests Outreach contact CGA as to their plans for continued representation.

Louis Kleinman was formerly the Waterfront Alliance representative (a permanent member, with no alternate assigned), but is now requesting at-large status instead. Admin notes that there has been precedent in the past where an organizational rep  (also a “permanent” member) switched to at-large status without reapplication. Admin suggests Louis be granted same, but he is willing to reapply if necessary. Admin also suggests that Outreach contact the Waterfront Alliance as to their plans for continued representation.

CGNA (also a permanent member) is listed with Diane Buxbaum as the representative. However, Admin noticed she identifies as an at-large member. Admin suggests clarification.

Admin is still suggesting that the application intake be done by another committee – requesting the Leadership Team discuss possibilities – including the possibility of Leadership taking over this task.

Admin welcomes Margaret Maugenest, (who has attended the required two Admin Committee meetings in a row ) as its newest member.

3) Other Business

Louis has suggested once again that a combination of virtual and in-person meetings, although not possible at this time, would be a great benefit, if it could be made available.

Guest Owen Foote had some comments and misconceptions regarding charter procedures which were noted and addressed by the committee.

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