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The New York City Department of Environmental Protection issued the following notice on May 11th regarding sidewalk and lane closures around the site of the large sewage-retention tank being constructed at the head end of the Gowanus Canal:

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection is constructing an 8-million-gallon underground tank to intercept and store combined sewage and rainwater that would otherwise overflow into the Gowanus Canal during rainstorms. The project will help keep the Gowanus Canal clean after the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund dredging and capping is complete.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the construction fencing around the perimeter of the construction site will be extended 15 feet into Butler and Nevins streets. It will remain in this condition for several years. 

During this phase of construction, crews will be excavating and constructing the enormous tank, which will extend nearly two blocks underground on the east side of the Canal. The construction fence will enclose the work area. The final phase of work will include a 1.6-acre public waterfront open space atop the tank.

A 12-foot-wide vehicular travel lane will be maintained on Butler and Nevins streets. Street parking will be partially unavailable on Buter Street between Nevins and Bond streets. There will be no street parking on Nevins Street between Butler and Sackett streets. Additionally, sidewalks on a portion of the south side of Butler Street and the west side of Nevins Street will be closed during this period of time.

Clear signage will safely direct pedestrian traffic to the open sidewalks on the north side of Butler Street and the east side of Nevins Street.

These sidewalk and lane closures, parking restrictions, and signage are outlined on the maps below:

Butler Street, Bond to Nevins (click image to enlarge)
Nevins Street, Union to Butler (click image to enlarge)

For questions or concerns about the construction project, please contact the Community Construction Liaison, Valentina Mascaro, at or 934-216-0209. For more information, please visit

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