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In-Canal Update

  • Supplemental dredging near the flushing tunnel to remove recently deposited debris is ongoing
    • Work began on May 9th
    • Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of July which will allow for reactivation of the Flushing Tunnel
    • NAPL was discovered in the Flushing Tunnel, but the source is uncertain
    • The Trust is monitoring dissolved oxygen levels which have decreased as water temperatures have increased
  • Grouting of the armor mats in this area is being conducted concurrently as areas are dredged
  • Carroll Street Bridge
    • 65% design for repair work is anticipated to be submitted this week for review by the Trust
    • Final design is expected later this summer
  • RTA 2 Construction
    • Began on June 20th with the probing of bulkheads to check for potential obstructions
    • Bulkhead design completion and coordination with property owners is ongoing
      • Bulkhead support construction will begin in September
    • Access dredging will begin this week (anticipated June 25th) and will remove a significant amount of debris from within the turning basins

CSO Retention Tank Update

Red Hook Tank

  • Perimeter wall is approximately 90% complete
    • 104 of 116 panels have been excavated and concreted as of June 21st (see attached figure)
    • Work is anticipated to be completed in July
    • Next phase of work anticipated to begin in fall 2024

Owl’s Head Tank

  • Demolition of buildings south of 5th Street began on May 21st
    • Building demolitions are complete, slab demolitions are ongoing
  • Below ground tank construction work began on June 24th
    • Initial activities will include geotechnical and environmental borings and is expected to last approximately two months
    • Followed by start of slurry wall installation
  • A temporary salt shed has been constructed on the property
  • Construction of a new, permanent salt shed will begin by end of this week and will continue through October

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