Swimmable? Maybe some day. But we’re resolved that Gowanus Canal water quality improves.

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In light of the second Gowanus Canal swim this year by clean-water activist Christopher Swain, we thought we’d reiterate that the first resolution passed by the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group, way back in March 2012, was a call to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) and the New York State Department of… Read more »

Swimmer Braves Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, a Superfund Site

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“‘It’s just like swimming through a dirty diaper,’ he told a crowd of reporters, residents of the nearby neighborhoods and incredulous passers-by who had gathered to see him off at the canal end of Degraw Street. Having some experience with dirty diapers, as well as with other, somewhat less filthy waterways, Mr. Swain had come… Read more »